An Overview of Earthbind® Prime Product

Here at EnviRoad, we focus on providing great products for you and the environment around us. Earthbind® PRIME is a coat with the ability to bind and control dust on unpaved roads. Not only is it easily applicable, but it can be stored safely all while being environmentally-friendly. Read up... Read more »

Blue Line Transportationt Hires Jack Dougherty as Director of Plant Operations

Portland, OR – May 21, 2019, Blue Line Transportation a bulk commodities transportation and asphalt manufacturer, announces the hiring of Jack Dougherty as Director of Plant Operations. “I am excited to join such a great organization that focuses on producing quality products and delivering excellent customer service,” said Dougherty. “My... Read more »

Earthbind vs. Water for Dust Control

Plain water is often used to control fugitive dust from unpaved roads since it is thought to be a cheap and simple approach to dust suppression. However, contrary to belief, using water by itself may prove to be very temporary, inefficient and in many cases futile. In fact, there can... Read more »

Protect Your Produce From Dust With EnviRoad Road Products

We've all either experienced the effects of dust in our lungs or heard how dust can expose the lungs to harmful particles, which can affect the respiratory system. But did you know it can affect not only our health through breathing but the foods we eat as well? Dust is... Read more »

Earthbind® EBS-RA Cold-Mix Paving Success

In the heart of the Columbia River Plateau lies Gilliam County, an area known for its beautiful rolling hills covered with picturesque golden wheat fields. Gilliam County is a rural and a sparsely populated dry land, wheat growing area located in north-central Oregon, east of the Cascade Mountains, approximately 150-miles... Read more »

Spring Ahead of Summer Projects Using Dust Control

Spring has sprung, and now is the perfect time to start putting together your dust management plan for operations such as mining, construction, industrial and city and county roads. When the projects and peak season hit hard, it often can seem easiest to stick with what you have done before.... Read more »

Stabilize Your Roads for Better Quality Transportation

Whether your roads are used to transport goods, employers or equipment, you will want to ensure smooth coasting for the comfortability of your people and merchandise. Here at EnviRoad, we use biocompatible products that ensure you get well-constructed paths that are not only environmentally friendly but also friendly on your... Read more »

Two Popular Application Methods for Dust Control Using Earthbind® 100

Earthbind®100 is a quality and environmentally-friendly biopolymer modified asphalt emulsion that is specifically engineered to be a highly-effective dust control product. Earthbind®100 is shipped in a liquid concentrated form and is diluted with water for application. For dust control, the Earthbind solution is then applied to the unpaved surface and... Read more »

EnviRoad Receives the ISO 9001:2015 Certification

EnviRoad has been an innovator and manufacturer for soil stabilization and dust control products for over thirty years, drawing inspiration from providing high-quality and clean output for the environment. With the decline of logging in the '80s and increased need for clean products, our company has tested and formulated environmentally... Read more »

Why You Need to Say No to H2O

While water may seem like an answer to dust control, it’s not the best when considering long-term solutions. Dust control is something we’ve been dealing for years, decreasing visibility and causing havoc on ecosystems when a non-environmentally friendly solution is used. It can be a nightmare for companies trying to... Read more »