A Stable Aggregate Matrix Improves Base Stabilization

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Base stabilization is an important element for the success of many paving projects. A weak or otherwise compromised aggregate roadbed can invite a host of problems. In larger projects, where weather might be a factor, an unstable base can cause erosion complications. This often results in increased repair and maintenance costs before the area can be properly paved. Later, the asphalt could also become more prone to the development of cracks, potholes and other damage.

Forming a stable matrix of aggregate rock and smaller soil particles creates a firm, long-lasting roadbed that will call for a minimal amount of future maintenance. To aid in this endeavor, EnviRoad® in Portland, Oregon, has formulated special base-stabilization agents.

EnviRoad® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime Coat have been specially formulated to bind loose soil particles with aggregate materials. This effectively creates a strong and waterproof soil matrix within the unpaved roadbed. In addition, these base-stabilizing agents will not re-solubilize in rainwater after curing. This means large projects during inclement weather will need far less maintenance.

Both Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime are also cost effective. They can be stored and transported in a concentrate, saving space and fuel costs. Then they can be diluted with water to the required concentration ratio shortly before application.

If you are looking for a cost-effective means for creating a stable base for an upcoming paving project, you should call EnviRoad® at 1-800-536-2650 to ask about Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime Coat.