EnviRoad® Dust Control

Fugitive dust generated by vehicular traffic will eventually destroy an unpaved road and will certainly result in higher expenses! In addition, unmitigated dust can lead to sediment run-off and can certainly impact human health and the environment. Dust control is important to agriculture, mining, fire management and construction operations, and it is unquestionably a nuisance in residential and public road situations.

EnviRoad® has decades of experience with dust control and stabilization projects covering multitudes of soil and aggregate types, road conditions and environments, from county roads in rural Oregon and vineyards in Sonoma County, California, to large projects in the Middle East. Our road and soil experts are here to find the right dust abatement solution with you, no matter where you are located.

EnviRoad® manufactures two proprietary, innovative and environmentally safe dust control products known as Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® 100. These products are engineered to efficiently and safely alleviate fugitive dust from unpaved roads and reduce costs in the long run. Earthbind® Stabilizer is recommended for unpaved roads constructed of aggregates while Earthbind® 100 is more for roads built out of native soils.

With trends continuing towards strict health, safety and environmental regulations, Earthbind® is an efficient and effective method to reduce dust-related environmental and health concerns. Plus, it aids in complying with clean air and water requirements by reducing airborne dust and sedimentation. Any soil, gravel or unpaved road surface can benefit from utilizing Earthbind® for road dust control.

Earthbind® is different from many dust control products on the market today. For example, some dust control products are made of potentially hazardous substances and may be diluted with highly volatile (high VOC’s) and flammable solvents. Others contain salts (chlorides) that are reported to be corrosive to vehicles and other equipment that may come into contact with the treated areas. These same chloride ions can become absorbed by plant roots, which can have a detrimental effect on roadside vegetation through desiccation (altering osmosis) and accumulation of salts to toxic levels. In addition, these salts can be washed off a road with rainwater and potentially impact shallow groundwater.

Other dust control products are made of organic plant-based substances that potentially can have a high biological demand. Here, storm water runoff can transport these substances off a treated road into adjacent waterways and can harm fish from the depletion of oxygen. In contrast, Earthbind® is a safe, long-lasting and economical solution for dirt roads, gravel roads and any unpaved road surface. Earthbind® is used on mining roads, agricultural roads and many unpaved county and forest service roads. Earthbind® is considered to be non-carcinogenic. Earthbind is applied at ambient temperature with no heating required. When the recommended application and handling procedures are followed, Earthbind® is considered to be safe to humans and the environment. Once applied, and with adequate time to cure, Earthbind® is resistant to water and does not re-emulsify when it rains.

EnviRoad® also offers Lignin Sulfonate as an alternative solution for dust abatement. Lignosulfonates are derived from lignin, a naturally occurring polymer found in wood that acts like glue, holding the cellulose fibers of pulps together. It is considered an effective option for dust control and is easy to apply.

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