Earthbind® Stabilizer is considered to be an environmentally friendly, modified asphalt emulsion that is specifically engineered for soil stabilization. Earthbind® Stabilizer has been used to stabilize and control dust on the surface, base, sub-bases and subgrades of unpaved roads, parking lots and other road bases for the industrial, agricultural, military, private and public market sectors. Earthbind Stabilizer can be an exceptionally good product for Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) projects.

Earthbind Stabilizer ships in a concentrated liquid form and is diluted with water for application purposes. For a stabilization process, the diluted Earthbind solution is incorporated and mechanically mixed into a soil and aggregate material…several inches in depth using a reclaimer/stabilizer. After the solution and soil and aggregate has been mixed, the amended material is then profiled with a motorgrader and compacted with a roller to maximum dry density at optimum moisture. Once the water used to make the Earthbind solution dries, the product is considered to be cured. Earthbind stabilization does not require heat for the stabilization process.

Earthbind stabilization is considered to be a bituminous stabilization process. With bituminous stabilization, strength gain is achieved by coating aggregate particles and adhesive bonding. Earthbind® Stabilizer works by binding loose soil or aggregate particles together, strengthening and waterproofing the soil and aggregate matrix. Once fully cured, Earthbind® Stabilizer will not re-solubilize in rainwater.

The benefits of Earthbind stabilization can include:

  • Improving the strength and durability of the soils and aggregate matrix
  • Adding water-resistance to the treated material
  • Conserving the fines, reduces dusting and mitigates aggregate from unraveling
  • Decreasing the “erosivity” of the road material
  • Upgrading marginal material that are typically undesirable for the sub-grade or for road base construction
  • Greatly reducing maintenance activities and maintenance costs
  • Helping reduce and eliminate wash-boarding
  • Helping minimize potholes (in combination with adequate drainage)
  • Providing temporary or permanent (with maintenance) wearing surfaces on unpaved low-volume roads
  • Reducing pavement thickness requirements on road bases that will be paved

Earthbind Stabilizer works on a variety of soil and aggregate types. However, Earthbind stabilizer is commonly used to stabilize road bases constructed with three quarters inch minus engineered aggregates with material greater than 20% passing the #4 sieve, a fines content (silt and clays passing the #200 sieve) less than 20% and plasticity index of less than 15.

Earthbind® Stabilizer can be transported throughout the U.S. and Canada, and we can ship internationally. Some options for delivery include:

  • Bulk Tanker Trucks
  • Rail Cars
  • Flexitanks
  • IBC Totes – 275 or 330 gallons

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