About Us

Company Overview

EnviRoad®, LLC is an innovator and manufacturer of exceptional dust control and soil stabilization products. EnviRoad® headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Portland, Oregon. Our headquarters in Portland include offices, warehouse storage and over 500,000 gallons of tank storage. Additional resources include rail car transfer capabilities. Earthbind® products are sold, distributed, and supported in domestic and international markets.

Company History

In 1973, our parent company started selling, hauling and applying dust abatement products. Throughout the ‘70s, we averaged approximately three million gallons per year of lignin and magnesium chloride, and we applied it for the Forest Service and other businesses throughout the Northwest.

In the ‘80s and through the ‘90s, we continued to grow our municipality markets and still provided product to the Forest Service. Our supply and application quantities during these two decades ranged from 1.5 million gallons to over 3 million gallons each year.

The ‘80s also brought about many changes in the dust control market. A sharp drop in logging due to environmental concerns and the growing number of “Clean Air Acts” moved us to focus more on municipalities and other end users. Increased lignin demand for non-dust control applications caused a shortage in supply and increased prices.

In 1999, testing and formulation began on the EnviRoad® Earthbind® product line to meet an increasing need for environmentally safe dust control and soil stabilization. Earthbind® is the result of over 30 years of active participation in dust prevention and soil stabilization – we’ve applied over 58 million gallons of different types of dust palliatives throughout our company history.

Earthbind® has been approved by numerous governmental agencies. Please contact us for more details.