Addressing Environmental Regulations Helps with Road Construction and Maintenance Efficiency

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EnviRoad® started in the early 1970’s selling, hauling, and distributing dust control products throughout the Pacific Northwest. Working with the Forest Service we helped to spread lignin and magnesium chloride dust abatement products on unpaved roads throughout the region. Eventually, this led to us branching out to service municipal locations all around the world.

During the 1980’s the American social conscience started to focus more on environmental concerns, including clean air and clean water legislation. In time new environmental regulation began to appear in the road construction industry, and in laws related to rural road maintenance.

The increased demand for environmentally friendly and cost-effective road maintenance measures prompted EnviRoad® to look for alternatives beyond lignin based dust control agents.

In 1999 our laboratories started the process of formulating and testing our Earthbind line of products. This includes Earthbind® 100 for dust control on unpaved roads. This eventually lead to base stabilization agents in the form of Earthbind® Prime Coat and Earthbind® Stabilizer.

These agents are all based on a modified biopolymer that is non-corrosive and when cured will not be hydroscopic. This ensures that they will not easily erode from a roadbed during heavy rains. It also allows the Earthbind® to remain in a matrix with the aggregate materials much longer than chloride based agents.

As an added benefit Earthbind® products can be shipped and stored in concentration. This saves space and transportation costs in the long term.

If you are looking for cost-effective and ecologically friendly dust control or base stabilization agents you should call (503) 595-2650 to speak to an EnviRoad® representative.