Alternative Paving with Recycled Asphalt for Trails

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EnviRoad worked with Columbia County, Oregon last season to pave a portion of the Crown Zellerbach trail using Earthbind® Stabilizer – Recycled Asphalt. The portion of the trail was located on either side of Tony’s Crossing – a bridge dedicated in the honor of Tony Hyde who was integral in laying the original 28.6 miles of Crown Zellerbach Trail.

Columbia County Parks department utilized 5/8 off spec crushed aggregate with EBS-RA. It ran through a pug mill at ambient temperature and placed with a conventional paper. Since they were able to lay it at the ambient temperature they saved over 50% compared to hot mix paving.

EBS-RA can be used with multiple base aggregate mix designs, such as 100% recycled asphalt pavement (RAP) or crusher reject rock. This is achieved by utilizing advanced technology-based additives that can be easily homogenized to make high-performance cold mix asphalt. Paving contractors, counties, highway departments, reclamation projects, and aggregate suppliers utilize EBS-RA on various roads, driveways and bike lanes.

As an asphalt binder, EBS-RA provides:
-Superior cohesion and compaction of materials
-Increased safety and work environment since product contains no VOCs or elevated temperature material
-Reduced cost of road construction by utilizing waste rock and recycled asphalt
-Upon completion of compaction, EBS-RA mix designs can be returned to normal traffic loads with no undesired effects.

All components of Earthbind® are considered to be:
-Free of hazardous solvents
-Non-corrosive to metal
-Not harmful to aquatic and mammal life
-Not carcinogenic