Better Base Stabilization with Earthbind® Prime Coat

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The use of a prime coat is common in many bituminous pavement projects. A prime coat is meant to protect the subgrade road bed from the effects of water, excess moisture and weathering. Any significant moisture in the subgrade affects its strength and integrity. This can lead directly to early degradation of the road surface, or even outright failure.

When a prime coat is evenly applied to a subgrade road bed it helps to block out moisture, thus extending the lifespan of the final asphalt.

EnviRoad’s Earthbind® Prime Coat penetrates the subgrade and binds loose soil or aggregate particles together, creating a soil and aggregate matrix that prevents small particles from becoming dust or washing away due to excess rain. After curing, Earthbind Prime Coat will add water resistance to the treated soil particles and hold the subgrade firm.

In addition, Eartbind Prime Coat does not contain any volatile organic carbon compounds and is considered non-hazardous.

Earthbind Prime Coat is also highly cost effective. It can be shipped and stored as a concentrate that can be diluted shortly before being applied to the road bed. Because it can be applied quickly it also reduces road closure times and the need for water trucks or pressurized distribution tankers.

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