Earthbind® 100 Helps Maintain Roads Where Sediment Runoff is a Concern

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Unpaved roads are often a necessity for people, vehicles and equipment needed in a wide range of industries as well as agriculture. Mines, gravel pits, large-scale farms and other places like railroad yards also frequently use roads composed of loose aggregates for moving supplies and machinery.

With these unpaved roads, dust control is always a concern during the hot or dry times of the year. When a prolonged drought affects a region, water trucks might be used to spray the roadbed or chemical measures such calcium or magnesium chloride might be used.

In some locations, these measures may be less than ideal. Especially if there is a protected area of wilderness or a critical watershed nearby. When water is applied to the unpaved roadbed in the short-term or the rains return sediment runoff can become a very major factor. Not only can it do major damage to the road, but it can also lead to significant pollution concerns!

Fortunately, EnviRoad offers a solution to this very important problem that addresses both the concerns about dust control and runoff as well as chemical or sediment pollution. Our Earthbind® 100 has been specially formulated from a modified bio-polymer to provide an environmentally friendly measure for controlling dust on unpaved roads.

After dilution to the correct ration non-corrosive Earthbind® 100 can then be applied directly to the roadbed with minimal impact to personnel and equipment. It will then permeate and cure with the loose aggregate materials, sand and potential dust particles to form a strong matrix.

At this point in the process Earthbind® 100 will no longer be water soluble. When seasonal rainfall strikes the unpaved roadbed, it will not wash out like calcium or magnesium chloride. This helps to prevent sediment runoff into the local ecosystem while also maintaining the road for much longer than other corrosive alternatives.

Earthbind® 100 is available throughout the United States and Canada. It can be transported in its concentrated form to save on shipping costs and storage space at your facility. When you are ready to use it, a specific volume need only be mixed with the correct amount of water before transporting it to the unpaved roadbed that needs treating.

If you need help reducing sediment runoff from an unpaved road you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to learn more about Earthbind® 100 offered by EnviRoad.