Earthbind® 100 Is a Cost-Effective Dust Control and Base Stabilization Agent

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Dust control abatement on unpaved roads and road construction projects can sometimes carry significant overhead costs. At the same time, dust control and base stabilization are important safety measures that can contribute to the success of a road work project. To answer this need cost efficiently, EnviRoad® has specially formulated Earthbind® 100.

This is a modified biopolymer that often proves more effective than chloride-based dust control agents and is ecologically friendly and cost-efficient.

Earthbind 100 integrates with unpaved surfaces to form a matrix with aggregate gravels, sand and small particles with the potential to become airborne. Since it is not water soluble, Earthbind 100 does not easily wash out of the roadbed. This allows more of it to remain in the matrix, saving you money in maintenance and reapplication costs.

Earthbind 100 can also be shipped and stored in concentration. This reduces overhead costs and allows you to store more of the product in a single facility.

It isn’t corrosive like chloride-based agents so it requires less maintenance and repairs of storage tanks, vehicles, and application equipment. This also means that fewer safety measures need to be taken by application crews.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective dust control agent, you should call 1-800 536 2650 to talk to an EnviRoad staff member about the benefits of Earthbind 100.