Earthbind® 100 is an Ecological Solution for Dust Maintenance on Unpaved Field Roads

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Agricultural operations often call for moving people and equipment over unpaved roads. As the summer heat rises, dry conditions can cause fugitive dust particles to take flight. Daily struggles with dust control drive many operations to employ the use of water trucks.

This can quickly turn into a losing battle. Lost man hours, fuel costs and other road maintenance materials can take a serious toll on your seasonal operating costs. Some agricultural operations resist the temptation to use chloride-based dust control agents. The chemical composition of these agents can sometimes wash out into local watersheds and even affect the health of crops.

Fortunately, Enviroad® offers an ecologically safe and cost-efficient solution for dust control on unpaved roads in the form of Earthbind® 100. This is a specially formulated, modified bio-polymer that will not pollute local water sheds.

It forms a matrix between potential dust particles and the aggregate material in the roadbed. This reduces seasonal maintenance and reapplications costs. This will allow you to dedicate equipment and man hours to more important elements of your agricultural operation.

If you have an agricultural operation in the US or even internationally and you are looking for a cost-effective method for controlling dust on an unpaved road, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to someone at the EnviRoad® home office in Portland, Oregon.