Earthbind® Cleanup Procedures

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Earthbind® products are non-ionic emulsions that are specifically engineered for dust control, base stabilization, and/or alternative paving. Earthbind is shipped in liquid concentrate form and is diluted with water prior to application. Since Earthbind is an emulsion that is mixed with water for application purposes, it can be easily washed off vehicles and equipment while it is still wet before it has completely cured. Once the water used to make the Earthbind solution dries, the product is considered cured. Once cured, the Earthbind is considered insoluble in water. The warmer, dryer, and/or the windier the weather is, the faster the Earthbind solution will cure.

Earthbind is formulated to be water resistant once cured. Earthbind is designed this way so rainwater will not wash away the cured product. This adds to the durability and longevity of dust control and surface stabilization of the treated road. This is especially noticeable when compared to water soluble dust palliatives (e.g., chlorides, lignosulfonates, etc.).

Earthbind splashing up onto vehicles can be greatly minimized by allowing the product to be cured before opening up to traffic. If closing the road to traffic is not an option, then make sure that vehicles do not follow too close behind the applicator truck while it is applying the product. Also, it is imperative that the vehicles drive slowly so it minimizes product splashing and tires picking up the solution. Likewise, it is very important to apply the Earthbind solution at a rate that is enough to readily soak in but not to heavy where it pools on top of the unpaved surface. Applying an Earthbind solution at a too heavy of a dose will delay curing.

However, if an Earthbind solution does get on a vehicle and has cured, it can be simply cleaned off with the right method. In many cases, normal pressure washing will remove the residual. For more stubborn situations, most any “tar and bug” remover sold at the auto parts store can be used with success. Any product with “orange peel oil” (d-limonene) works very well. A popular product is “Big O.” This product is typically easy to find.

For more information, you may call EnviRoad representatives. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding cleanup.