Earthbind® Dust Control for the “Do-it-yourselfer”

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Earthbind® is considered to be an environmentally-friendly bio-based modified asphalt emulsion that is specifically made for dust control. Both Earthbind® 100 and Earthbind® Stabilizer can be used for dust control on unpaved roads. For aggregate roads, we recommend Earthbind Stabilizer or Earthbind 100 on roads with more of a soil/aggregate mixture.

EnviRoad, LLC is the creator and manufacturer of Earthbind products. We provide Earthbind concentrate to numerous distributors/applicators worldwide and to many industries and individuals that have the equipment and capability to apply the product themselves. Likewise, if up to the challenge, and if the project is large enough and the proper equipment is utilized, an Earthbind dust control application can be successfully done by a handyman.

Project Size

For topical dust control using Earthbind, the minimum size project that we provide product for is 19,500-square feet. Why? Because that is the smallest quantity that we distribute. With a typical “topical” method for dust control a solution is applied to an unpaved surface and allowed to soak in. For example, Earthbind concentrate is sold and shipped in IBC totes, tanker and railcar loads. The smallest amount of product that we provide is 260-gallons in 275-gallon IBC totes. This amount of product is typically enough to treat 19,500-square feet. We do not ship product concentrate in quantities less than 260-gallons.

Required Equipment

Generally, an Earthbind solution is applied using a computerized rate-controlled distributor truck, pressurized or a gravity-fed water truck equipped with an adequate size water tank, and a distribution system that can spray an even spray pattern.

For the DIYer, a pressurized or gravity fed water truck (or equivalent) can be used. However, the application equipment must be able to predictably apply approximately 0.25 to 0.35-gallons of solution per square yard, in an even (and partially overlapping) spray pattern. We do not recommend water trucks that only dribble or “lob” out a liquid that would result in an uneven blotchy treated surface. Not only is this unsightly, but it could also compromise the longevity of the applied product. It is important to note that we also sell 8’ and 12’ foot engineered spray bars that can be outfitted on your water truck or trailer hitch to ensure proper coverage.

Example of required equipment and supplies include:

  • Pressurized water truck that is capable of applying ¼ to ½-gallons of a liquid, per square yard, fairly evenly and accurately.
  • Heavy-duty pump and hoses or equivalent to transfer concentrate from the totes or tanks into water truck and to mix product in totes/tank;
  • Clean water to make the Earthbind solution; and
  • Earthbind Concentrate

We do not recommend ATV or typical agricultural sprayers to apply the Earthbind solution. Why? Because most of these sprayer types are equipped with small tanks and have relatively low application rates. Therefore the amount of applications required to meet the recommended application rate may become too numerous and will compromise the infiltration of the product solution. You do not want to “air-brush” the surface of the road with product solution, you want to apply the solution in two-or-three shots at a rate that is heavy enough to soak in but not too heavy where it pools on top.

Road Preparation

It is important that the road to be treated is in fairly good shape. This means that there are no potholes, washboarding, powder or loose stones on the surface. These imperfections can be resolved using a motorgrader and roller. The longevity of dust control can be compromised if the product is applied to a road that is in poor condition.

Product Preparation

Earthbind® is shipped in a concentrated liquid form and is diluted with water. The amount of water that is mixed with the product concentrate, to make the Earthbind solution can vary depending on the project type, equipment used, etc. However, a typical ratio is a 5 to 1 solution (a 16-17% solution by volume). Here 5-parts of water are blended with 1-part of product concentrate when applied using a pressurized/gravity water truck for topical dust control. The blended solution is referred to as the Earthbind solution.

To prepare for the application, the Earthbind concentrate is first physically mixed well before making the Earthbind solution. For example, in an IBC tote, the product concentrate can be mixed using a long shaft paint mixer or circulate the concentrate using a pump. Once the contents are mixed well, the Earthbind solution can be made. The Earthbind solution can be made in the tank of the applicator truck or relatively large container.

Application Dosage

For topical dust control, we commonly recommend 0.12-gallons of Earthbind® concentrate per square yard for low volume roads. Note that this is the product concentrate and not the diluted Earthbind solution.

The concentrate is then mixed with water for application purposes (e.g., 5-parts water to 1-part concentrate). The solution is then applied to the unpaved surface using a pressurized or gravity fed water truck at a rate of approximately 0.35-gallons of solution per square yard…in two consecutive applications. Once the water used to make the Earthbind solution dries, the product is then considered to have cured. The Earthbind residual remaining on the road surface will bind the loose dust particles together and keep them from blowing off as fugitive dust.

For further information, including an application procedure for the DIYer, please contact an EnviRoad sales engineer at 503.279.2600.