Earthbind for Environmentally Friendly Dust Control

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Excess dust on unpaved roads can lead to several hazards. The dust poses a threat to respiratory health and affects road safety. If unpaved roads are left untreated it can also lead to bigger problems like road deterioration, and excess soil runoff.

Many companies that offer dust control services use calcium and magnesium chloride based sprays. These agents can have several negative side effects. Heavy rain can make the road surface slippery and runoff can affect roadside vegetation and pollute local groundwater. Wildlife are also attracted to the mineral salts in the road, posing a threat to local motorists.

EnviRoad’s Earthbind dust control solves many of the problems associated with chloride based agents. It is made of an environmentally-friendly modified biopolymer that is also non-hydroscopic. This means it is unaffected by rain and changes in humidity. It also stays on the road instead of running off to become a pollutant.

Earthbind also reduces road hazards. It’s water resistant properties keep it from becoming slippery when wet, while also helping to prevent potholes, ruts and softs spots from forming. Since there are no mineral salts in the biopolymer it does not attract wildlife.

Earthbind is also cost effective. Since a residual amount of remains in the road surface, it requires a smaller volume for yearly maintenance. It also saves money on shipping and storage costs, due to the fact that it can weigh up to 28% less than chloride based products.

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