Earthbind Is a Superior Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

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Lignosulfonates, more commonly known in dust control as lignin, is a byproduct of the wood pulp processing. In order to increase profit margins, the wood pulp industry commonly sells lignin as a dust control product.

Lignosulfonates come with some considerable drawbacks. They are chemically corrosive by nature. Over time this corrosive effect can weaken welds and damage storage tanks. They can also harbor microbes that can ferment, release gasses and cause over flow issues during storage and transport. Since lignosulfonates are water soluble they can easily be washed off during the course of successive rain fall. This requires more yearly maintenance.

Earthbind is an environmentally-friendly modified biopolymer that is also non-hydroscopic. It is unaffected by rain and changes in humidity, so it will not wash away like lignosulfonates. Since it is not corrosive you don’t have to worry about damage to storage tanks and equipment.

Earthbind is also cost effective. Since it weighs up to 20% less than lignosulfonates it costs less to ship and store it. It also requires a lower volume for the same effective dust control. Meaning that the same volume of Earthbind can go three to five time further than lignin.

A residual amount of Earthbind will remain in the road surface, so in following years you will have to use less to achieve the same results.

If you would like to know more about the benefits of Earthbind, please call Enviroad at 1.800.536.2650 for a consultation or quote. We look forward to providing you with eco-friendly road maintenance options.