Earthbind® Prime Coat Can Be Used to Stabilize a Roadbed without Using VOC’s

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Effective base stabilization is very important for the long-term success of a paving project. A loose base that has been affected by seasonal rainfall can cause inconsistencies in the paving process. As the years go by, this can increase repair and maintenance costs on the final paved road.

Certain areas of the final paved road can also become prone to cracks, potholes, and other damage. This might impact motorist satisfactory, cause safety issues, and increase annual maintenance and repair costs.

In recent years, environmental regulations have shined a negative light on the use of volatile organic compounds for base stabilization. To answer this important need, Enviroad® has created Earthbind® Prime Coat.

This is a modified biopolymer that forms a stable matrix of aggregate rock and smaller soil particles to create a firm roadbed that will resist complications caused by inclement weather. This can help speed the paving process while also providing a road that will last for a long time to come.

Earthbind® Prime Coat is also cost effective as it can be stored and transported in a concentrate. This saves on space and fuel costs for transportation. Then they can be diluted with water to the required concentration ratio shortly before application.

If you operate a municipality or road construction company in the Pacific Northwest and you need to find an effective alternative to the Use of VOC for base stabilization, you can call 1-800-536-2650 to speak to an Enviroad® Representative about Earthbind® Prime Coat.