Earthbind® Products Offer a Non-Corrosive Way to Maintain Unpaved Surfaces

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Fugitive dust and roadbed degradation are always serious concerns associated with maintaining an unpaved surface. Sand and soil particles can often be released from an unpaved road by passing vehicles, which can lead to serious safety concerns, visibility issues and may contribute to respiratory health problems in the local populations.

At the same unpaved roads that experience a high traffic load can also be subject to roadbed degradation. Problems with washboard gravel, potholes, curb erosion and other stabilization problems can increase seasonal maintenance costs and potentially damage vehicles.

Here at EnviRoad®, we are proud to offer our environmentally-friendly and cost-effective Earthbind® products to help control dust and maintain unpaved roads.

We use a specially modified bio-polymer which is non-corrosive and reduces costs associated with safe storage and application. It also reduces problems previously associated with maintaining tanks and equipment chloride-based dust control agents.

Once Earthbind® has been applied to an unpaved surface it forms a matrix between the soil, sand, gravel and other aggregate materials. It will then cure in a short amount of time. At which point it will no longer be water soluble, which allows Earthbind® to remain in the roadbed for far longer than other dust control and stabilization agents.

If you are looking for a non-corrosive dust control agent for maintaining unpaved road surfaces, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak an EnviRoad® representative.