Earthbind® Stabilizer Can Help Maintain Unpaved Roads for Military Operations

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Military training and operations often take place in locations where there are few paved roads. Maintaining unpaved roads and managing dust problems can often call for diverting key personnel and materials away from direct operations. While it is important to maintain these roads, the Earthbind® Stabilizer offered by EnviRoad® can help minimize costs and personnel allocation.

This is a specially developed modified biopolymer that bonds dust particles in a matrix with gravel and other aggregate materials in an unpaved roadbed. This makes it a cost-effective and efficient method for developing or maintaining roads, helipads, and airstrips.

Earthbind Stabilizer offers convenience and efficiency in other ways. It can be held in concentration right until application. This means it saves storage space and minimizes transportation costs. Once it has been applied and cured, Earthbind Stabilizer will not re-solubilize with water from local weather. This saves time and money in reapplication and routine maintenance.

Earthbind Stabilizer is specially formulated to be ecologically friendly. This helps meet environmental regulations for military training or maintain good relations with locals during foreign military operations.

If you’re looking for cost-effective road maintenance measures for your military location or operation, you should call 1-800 536 2650 to talk to an EnviRoad staff member about the benefits of Earthbind Stabilizer.