Earthbind® Stabilizer Can Help Reduce Grading Costs

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All unpaved roads need some degree of maintenance throughout the course of a year. Several factors can contribute to what measures are called for during a specific season. The composition of the aggregate material, local weather conditions and traffic load can increase the chances of a road hazard developing.

Potholes, washboard gravel and dangerous issues with fugitive dust are more likely in dry conditions. In winter some unpaved roads can become vulnerable to cracks and frost heaves.

Dust control measures like Earthbind® 100 and Lignin Sulfonate can certainly help trap fugitive dust particles and limit issues with sediment runoff. Yet, there are some roads that need periodic to frequent grading to help address defects in the aggregate surface. Certain locations can be costly and inconvenient to reach with a road grader or other heavy equipment.

One ecologically friendly way to address these unpaved roads and reduce the need for seasonal grading is to have Earthbind® Stabilizer. EnviRoad has put considerable effort into formulating it from a versatile bituminous modified biopolymer capable of acting as an effective soil stabilization agent.

Once Earthbind® Stabilizer has been applied to the unpaved surface and allowed to cure it will bond aggregate materials, sand and loose soil particles together in a firm matrix. At that point, it will also be dust palliative without being water soluble.

Should it rain on the treated unpaved surface, Earthbind® Stabilizer will remain in the roadbed to minimize aggregate erosion. It also helps to improve the stability of the roadbed to reduce physical deformations including washboard gravel, developing potholes, cracks and berm erosion.

Since Earthbind® Stabilizer will not resolubilize with rainwater Earthbind® Stabilizer will remain on the unpaved surface, which further helps to reduce the need for reapplication later in the season. Since it is also non-corrosive cleanup of application equipment and storage tanks is minimal.

EnviRoad is proud to be able to offer Earthbind® Stabilizer on the international marketplace. It can be transported throughout the United States and Canada via bulk tanker trucks, rail cars and flexitanks. We can also ship in 275 or 330-gallon IBC Totes. Earthbind® Stabilizer is typically transported it in its concentrated form, which saves money on shipping costs and storage space.

If you manage unpaved roads and unpaved surfaces and you would like to reduce grading costs as well as well as minimize dust, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to an EnviRoad Representative about Earthbind® Stabilizer.