Earthbind® Stabilizer Helps Reduce Grading Costs

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Unpaved roadbeds are typically composed of a combination of gravel, sand, aggregate stone, local soil, and other small particles. Throughout the course of a year, weather and seasonal changes can gradually start to affect the relationship between these various components.

Rainfall, dry conditions, the changes of seasons, and the freeze-thaw effect can cause an unpaved roadbed to develop potholes, ruts, heaves, and significant washboarding. Not only can these defects in the roadbed be frustrating for a motorist, it can also cause safety problems, increased maintenance costs, and potential damage to vehicles.

Some operations and municipalities will turn to grading to effectively alter a roadbed that has been compromised. This essentially alters the loose association between the aggregate components to create a temporarily smooth surface.

Unfortunately, this also includes an excessive amount of cost in man hours and fuel. With time and further weather changes, the graded roadbed will gradually deteriorate. In time, it might also require the expensive addition of gravels and new aggregate.

To answer these problems and reduce grading costs EnviRoad® offers Earthbind® Stabilizer. This is a versatile bituminous modified biopolymer and soil stabilization agent. It was developed to meet the salient demand for a high quality and cost-effective soil stabilizer and dust palliative.

It can be safely stored in its concentrated form. When needed it can be diluted to the appropriate ration and easily applied to an unpaved roadbed. Earthbind® Stabilizer has been formulated to create an effective matrix between aggregate materials, soil, and fine particles to bind them together. This provides the unpaved roadbed with increased density and stability.

This helps to save costs by reducing the annual need for grading, replacement gravels, and other maintenance measures. If you need help reducing maintenance cost for unpaved roads, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to an EnviRoad® representative about Earthbind® Stabilizer.