Earthbind®100 Is More Cost-Effective than Water for Dust Control on Quarry and Gravel Pit Roads

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Dust on unpaved roads can create adverse conditions for quarry and gravel pit operations. When fugitive dust particles take flight, they can impair the vision of heavy equipment operators and can pose a respiratory threat. In the past, many people at quarries and gravel pits would spray water to mat down dust particles.

While most pit operations have water available, it is hardly a cost-effective solution. Money spent on dedicating man hours and the equipment to divert, transport, and apply excess water can often be better spent on more productive operations.

To address these issues in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way, EnviRoad® offers Earthbind 100. This is a modified biopolymer that is specifically designed to trap fugitive particles in a matrix with other aggregate materials in the unpaved roadbed. Since it will not will not re-solubilize in rainwater after curing, it saves money in long-term maintenance and reapplication costs.

As an added bonus, Earthbind 100 can be transported and stored in concentration. This saves you money in the long term while saving your space. At the same time, Earthbind 100 is specially formulated to meet environmental protection laws and regulations.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective dust control measure for your quarry or mining operation, you should call 1-800 536 2650 to talk to an EnviRoad staff member about the benefits of Earthbind 100.