EBS-RA by EnviRoad® Is an Ecological Alternative to Volatile Organic Compounds

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In recent years, new rules and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency have cast increased scrutiny on the use of volatile organic compounds. As a result, many ecologically minded paving contractors, municipalities, and reclamation projects have been looking for cost-effective alternatives.

To answer this industry demand, EnviRoad® has developed their special ESB-RA asphalt emulsion. This is an ecologically friendly modified polymer that can be used in multiple cold mix paving applications. This is achieved by employing advanced software technology to formulate additives that can be homogenized to make high-performance, custom, cold mix asphalt.

This results in an asphalt blend with many beneficial properties, including superior cohesion and compaction of materials. The EBS-RA ingredients are non-flammable, noncarcinogenic, and free of hazardous solvents. Since it is non-corrosive to metal, it also saves money on routine maintenance on storage tanks and application vehicles.

At the same time, the lack of VOCs improves safety in the work environment without having to elevate the temperature of materials.

EBS-RA can also reduce overhead production costs by utilizing waste rock and recycled asphalt in the asphalt blend.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, ecologically friendly alternative to the use of volatile organic compounds, you should call EnviRoad® in Portland, Oregon at 1-800-536-2650 to ask about the benefits of EBS-RA.