EBS-RA is an Effective Alternative to VOC Paving Products

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For many years, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were used in various paving applications even though they have long been known to have ecological, safety, and potential medical hazards. Over the years, this has driven many paving companies and municipalities to look for a cost-effective, ecologically friendly alternative.

Through painstaking research and meticulous lab formulation, EnviRoad® is proud to offer Earthbind Recycled Asphalt (EBS-RA). EBS-RA risks the release of very few VOCs as it is a cold mix asphalt and VOCs are released through heat. It can be formulated to use multiple base aggregate mixes, including 100 percent recycled asphalt pavement or crusher reject rock. This helps make it very cost effective.

It provides superior cohesion and material compaction while improving safety in the work environment. Since it does not use any volatile organic compounds or elevated temperature material, there is less threat posed to operators and application personnel.

Since EBS-RA is non-corrosive and non-flammable, it reduces the impact on storage and transportation tanks, requiring less routine maintenance. It can be shipped throughout the United States and Canada as well as internationally utilizing Bulk Tanker Trucks.

If you are looking for an ecologically friendly and cost-effective alternative to the use of VOC compounds in asphalt emulsion, you should call 1-800-536-2650 to speak to an EnviRoad® representative at our Portland, Oregon, office.