EnviRoad® Offers Base Stabilizers for Unpaved Roads

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A stable roadbed not only provides convenience and longevity to the road, but it is also a cost-saving measure against future maintenance. Unpaved aggregate roads tend to develop subtle changes with weather, season and use. Frequent rainstorms can result in roadbed erosion while dry conditions can increase hazardous dust levels on the roadbed.

EnviRoad® offers base-stabilization products like Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime Coat for ecological and economical alternatives to other chemical stabilizers.

Earthbind® Stabilizer was specifically formulated to be safely stored and easily applied. In its concentrated form, it takes up to 20 percent less space than other dust-control agents. Its non-corrosive properties will save you money in the deferred maintenance of storage tanks and application equipment. Long after application, a residual amount of Earthbind® Stabilizer will remain in the roadbed. Subsequent applications will thus require using a smaller volume at greater intervals.

Earthbind® Prime Coat is an ecologically-friendly biopolymer and surfactant, making it a superior alternative to volatile organic compounds. Earthbind® Prime Coat penetrates the roadbed and binds loose soil and aggregate particles into a matrix. Earthbind® Prime Coat is also water resistant, so the matrix is very slow to erode and will not dissolve in rainstorms.

If you would like to know more about how Earthbind® Stabilizer or Earthbind® Prime Coat can meet your base-stabilization needs, please call EnviRoad® at 1-800-536-2650 to set up a consultation.