EnviRoad® Offers Ecologically Friendly Soil Stabilization Solutions

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Civil engineers, municipalities, and construction companies have long appreciated the value of soil stabilizers to secure a road bed and extend the life of an eventual paving project. At the same time, many regions also appreciate ecologically friendly solutions that can also be cost effective at stabilizing aggregate materials.

This has driven EnviRoad® to develop the ecologically friendly and cost-effective base stabilizing solution in the form of Earthbind® Stabilizer.

It uses a modified biopolymer that meets stringent ecological regulations to form a matrix with the aggregate materials in a road bed. It can be stored and shipped in concentration to save on costs. Once it has been applied to a road bed and allowed to cure, it will not be water soluble. Since it will not easily be washed out of the aggregate, it will save significant reapplication costs.

Earthbind® Stabilizer can also be used to help control dust on the surface, base, subbases, and subgrades of unpaved roads, parking lots, and other road bases for the industrial, mining, military, private, and public sectors.

If you operate your road construction company or municipal interest with dust control or base stabilization needs, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to learn more about the Earthbind® Stabilizer that EnviRoad® offers.