EnviRoad® Offers Several Ecologically Friendly Road Construction and Maintenance Products

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EnviRoad® and its parent company have had an active and ever-growing presence in the road construction and road maintenance industries in the Pacific Northwest since 1973. Throughout the 1970’s, we developed strong relationships with many area municipalities, providing and applying dust abatement agents. At that time, we supplied a large amount of lignin and magnesium chloride products for the Forest Service.

Throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s, many companies and municipal organizations started to embrace ecologically friendly alternatives to road maintenance. To better answer these needs, EnviRoad® started formulating multiple ecological and cost-affordable dust control and base stabilization agents.

Today, we offer Earthbind® 100 to help control fugitive dust particles on unpaved roads. It is based on a modified biopolymer that is not water soluble. This allows Earthbind 100 to form a matrix with dust particles and aggregate stone for highly effective dust control.

Earthbind® Prime Coat and Earthbind Stabilizer are used by many area road construction companies. Like Earthbind 100, it is also based on a modified biopolymer that creates a matrix with the road bed aggregates. This creates a road bed that is not only friendly for paving and low maintenance, but it also meets ecological regulations without the problems caused by Volatile Organic Compounds.

If you’re looking for an ecological and cost-effective method for dust abatement or base stabilization, you should call 1-800 536 2650 to talk to an EnviRoad staff member at our headquarters in Portland, Oregon.