EnviRoad®’s Base Stabilizers Improve the Long-Term Integrity of Unpaved Road Surfaces

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Civil engineers and road construction companies have always understood that a solid and stable roadbed can provide major long-term benefits. But aggregate road beds have a tendency to shift with changes in weather, temperature, and season. Heavy rains cause erosion, while dry conditions create the need for additional dust control measures.

Fortunately, EnviRoad®’s innovative Earthbind® Stabilizer and Earthbind® Prime Coat offer effective road stabilization, that is also money-saving and environmentally friendly.

Earthbind Stabilizer was specifically formulated to be a cost-effective soil stabilizer with advanced dust control properties. In addition, it can be safely stored and easily applied. In concentrated form, Earthbind takes up to 20% less space than other dust control agents, and its non-corrosive properties require less regular maintenance to equipment. As an added bonus, a residual amount of Earthbind remains on the roadbed, resulting in lower long-term reapplication costs.

Earthbind Prime Coat is made with eco-friendly biopolymers and surfactants, which are ecologically healthy alternatives to the use of VOC’s. It penetrates the roadbed and effectively binds loose soil and aggregate particles together. This creates a matrix that helps prevent small particles in the roadbed from coming loose as dust. Earthbind Prime Coat is water resistant, so treated surfaces will not dissolve or erode from the introduction of rainwater, once the road surface has cured.

If you would like to know more about how Earthbind Stabilizer or Earthbind Prime Coat can meet your base stabilization needs, please call EnviRoad at 1-800-536-2650 to set up a consultation.