EnviRoad’s Dust Control and Base Stabilization Products Are Available Internationally

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Countries, municipalities and corporations around the globe continue to become more ecologically conscious. Not only does this apply to technology and product manufacturing, it also includes lessening the impact of hazardous chemicals on the environment.

Many rural and developing areas throughout the world rely on people, goods and services that are transported on unpaved roads. Fugitive dust, potholes and other physical defects in an unpaved roadbed can increase accidents, lead to vehicle damage, and prove difficult to repair.

In the past, many municipalities and organizations would rely on water trucks or chloride based dust control agents to attempt to minimize unpaved roadbed degradation. Unfortunately, these measures are rarely ecologically sound and often inefficient for the task at hand.

Here at EnviRoad®, we have spent years formulating and developing lines of ecologically friendly dust control and base stabilization agents. This includes Earthbind® 100 for long-term dust abatement, as well as Earthbind® Prime Coat, and Earthbind® Stabilizer. These specially formulated bio-polymer products continue to grow in demand. We have attained ISO Certification which ensures our line of ecologically-friendly road maintenance products are controlled and consistently manufactured for our domestic and international customers. Earthbind® 100, Earthbind® Prime Coat, and Earthbind® Stabilizer can all be shipped in their concentrated form. This saves costs on international shipping, as well as storage space in your facility. When you are ready to apply them, you simply dilute to the specified ratio.

If you need help with dust abatement or base stabilization of unpaved roads, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to learn more about the EnviRoad® line of Earthbind products today!