EnviRoad®’s Environmentally-Friendly Business Philosophy Makes Our Products Effective & Cost Effective

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Since EnviRoad®‘s parent company’s inception in 1973, Blue Line Transportation has strived to keep our finger on the pulse of the road works and transportation industries. Throughout the course of the 1970s, our parent company hauled and applied chloride and lignin-based dust control agents for the Forest Service all throughout the Pacific Northwest.

As the years rolled by, we continued to grow the size of our fleet and storage capacity. During the 1980s, growing environmental awareness resulted in a significant decrease in logging production throughout the region. This also served to decrease the supply and increase the price for lignin-based dust control agents.

In 1999, EnviRoad® responded to these concerns by starting the development and testing of the Earthbind® line of soil stabilization and dust-control agents. It is based on a modified bio-polymer that is not corrosive like chloride-based agents.

Earthbind® forms an effective matrix with aggregates and particles in a roadbed. Once cured, it is not water soluble, so it is less prone to run off into local watersheds, but will remain in the roadbed. This also means it does not need to be reapplied as frequently or in as high of a volume. Since it can be stored in concentration, Earthbind® takes up less storage space at reduced weights.

If you are interested in learning more about how EnviRoad® and Earthbind® can save you overhead costs, you should call our Portland, Oregon, office at 1-800-536-2650 to schedule a meeting.