Gravel Pit Operations Can Benefit From Cost-Effective Dust Control

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In the Northern Hemisphere the summer season is often a time of high activity for road construction companies, mining operations and gravel pits. Providing clients and contractors with the necessary materials for operation typically relies on a smooth and safe operation.

The constant movement of vehicles, equipment and personnel on these unpaved roads around a pit site or quarry can often release a significant amount of dust into the air. This can lead to visibility, safety issues and respiratory health issues.

Water truck application on these unpaved roads can often prove to be a waste of man-hours and fuel cost. This can be especially challenging in a dry location or during a period of extended regional drought.

Fortunately, EnviRoad® offers Earthbind® 100 to help address and prevent fugitive dust problems in a cost-efficient and environmentally friendly way. It is based on a specially formulated modified biopolymer that effectively traps fugitive particles in a matrix with other aggregate materials in the unpaved surface.

Once it has been applied and cured Earthbind® 100 is non-water soluble, which saves money in long-term maintenance and reapplication costs.

Earthbind® 100 can be transported and stored in concentration which saves you space and money. It also meets environmental protection laws and regulations, which reduces downtime associated with safety inspections.

If you’re looking for a cost-effective dust control measure for your quarry or gravel pit you should call 1-800 536 2650 to talk to an EnviRoad staff representative about the benefits of Earthbind® 100.