How Can Earthbind® Stabilizer Help You?

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As the holidays approach, so does the snowy weather. Although the season brings thoughts of tinsel and stuffing ourselves with favorite foods, it also brings worries of weather conditions and safe roads. Roads treated with EnviRoad products weather the winter better than non-treated roads. We offer materials to help sustain and keep the roads in working condition through changes in climate and continuous wear.

One of our main products, Earthbind® Stabilizer, is a great soil stabilizer and dust palliative (agent to help reduce dust clouds). It is a bituminous modified biopolymer soil stabilization agent, promoting the safety of the environment while working to keep dirt in place. Not only is it environment-friendly, but it is also wallet-friendly. Instead of using more man-hours or materials, Earthbind® Stabilizer increases the density and stability of the soil so there is less of a need for replacement and grading.

Earthbind® Stabilizer can also be safely applied and stored, resulting in less cleanup and easier application. All you need is a water truck or pressurized distributor truck to apply it to your dirt roads. It is sold as a concentrate and can be easily diluted with water, which will not be the case once it is applied and cured. By transporting it as a concentrate, you save money on shipping costs and storage space.

EnviRoad is able to offer Earthbind® Stabilizer on the international marketplace. It can be transported throughout the United States and Canada with bulk tanker trucks, rail cars and flexitanks, or in 275 or 330-gallon IBC totes. You can speak with an EnviRoad representative to see which form of transportation is best for you.

As the winter months approach, it’s better to be prepared, especially for the frost heaves, potholes, surface erosion and mud pits that the weather brings. Earthbind® Stabilizer can help reduce these and keep travelers safe. Prep for the summer by ordering it now, and have it ready for application. If you have any questions, be sure to give EnviRoad a call at 1.800.536.2650, and we’ll be happy to help today!