Lignin Sulfonate For Dust Control

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Fugitive dust particles can be a serious safety concern for unpaved roads in rural locations, as well as mining sites, and other industries. When dust control goes unaddressed, people and vehicles can be harmed, causing excessive costs and possible loss of life.

In many locations, water truck application can be cost-prohibitive. While chloride-based agents can help prevent dust from escaping into the air, they can also be corrosive. This can incur additional costs in maintaining tanks and equipment, as well as safety concerns for the application crew.

Fortunately, EnviRoad® can help address all of these factors by providing you with cost-efficient lignin sulfonate. Created as a byproduct of the paper industry, lignin sulfonate meets standards set by the United States Forest Service Administration, and General Service Administration, as well as local and regional government standards.

It can be shipped and stored in its concentrated form. Once diluted and applied to an unpaved roadbed, it adheres small particles and aggregate matter together, thus preventing fugitive dust particles from escaping into the air.

In the wintertime, it can also help to address problems with roadbed degradation and lessen the development of frost heaves. If you are looking for an ecologically friendly and cost-effective option for reducing dust on unpaved roads, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to consult with an EnviRoad® representative today!