Lignin Sulfonate Meets Most Government Standards for Ecologically Friendly Dust Control

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Dust control is a significant concern for maintaining unpaved roads. This can apply to mining operations, road construction, rural municipalities, military base training, and general construction. In the past, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride were popular with many entities for trapping fugitive dust particles in an unpaved roadbed.

In recent years, ecologically conscious agencies, businesses, and government entities have become increasingly concerned about the impact of chloride-based dust control agents. This includes certain regulations put in place by the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States Forest Service Administration, and the General Service Administration.

To answer these concerns, EnviRoad® can provide your operation with lignin sulfonate which already meets most of the applicable regulations and standards for environmental safety. It is created as a byproduct of the papermaking industry.

It works by binding with fugitive dust particles to trap them in the roadbed. Since it is not mineral-rich like magnesium or calcium chloride, it won’t readily attract wildlife to the unpaved road. Lignin sulfonate is non-toxic, so any that gradually washes out of the roadbed will not pollute the local vegetation and watersheds.

If you are looking for an ecologically-friendly option for managing dust on unpaved roads, you should call 800-536-2650 today to learn more about the lignin sulfonate offered by EnviRoad®.