Lignin Sulfonate Provides Ecologically Friendly Dust Control

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Many unpaved roads require dust control measures throughout the course of the year. However, magnesium chloride and calcium chloride dust control agents have been known to have some significant drawbacks.

Wild animals that are in search of minerals tend to be drawn to chloride-treated roads and the runoff pollutes local watersheds. When you also consider that chloride-based agents require multiple reapplications and road closures, it is clear that a new alternative is called for.

Fortunately, EnviRoad® offers lignin sulfonate as an ecological and cost-saving alternative to chloride agents for dust control on unpaved roads.

Lignin is actually an organic material that gives trees the ability to grow tall. It is commonly used as a cellulose fiber bonding agent by the paper industry. Lignin sulfonate is considered non-toxic to the local environment and watersheds. Since it has no mineral content, wildlife ignore lignin-treated roads, which reduces hazards and potential accidents.

Our lignin sulfonate meets the specifications of the U.S. Forest Service Administration

U.S. Forest Service Administration, General Service Administration, and local and regional government standards. Since it is considered to be non-corrosive, it can be applied without special safety clothing or equipment.

When a road is treated with a chloride-based dust control agent, it often needs to be closed down to allow the agent to penetrate into the roadbed and dry. A road treated with lignin sulfonate can be used shortly after application, thus saving time and expense with minimal inconvenience to local motorists.

If you are interested in learning more about the ecological and economic benefits of lignin sulfonate or other environmentally friendly dust control options, contact EnviRoad® at 1-800-536-2650 for more information.