Maintaining Unpaved Roads in Agricultural Areas Helps With Seasonal Operations

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Many industrial agriculture operations in the United States rely on essential infrastructure to transport good, produce and equipment. These rural and agricultural areas often use unpaved roads throughout seasonal operations. When a road is badly compromised by erosion, potholes, washboard gravel or excessive dust, it can slow general operations and impede the delivery of perishable goods.

These unpaved road hazards can also cause critical safety issues as well as damage to vehicles and equipment. In many of these situations, the repair costs and lost time can significantly hamper seasonal success.

To help agricultural operations maintain these roads, EnviRoad® offers a cost-effective, ecologically friendly solution to road maintenance in the form of Earthbind® 100. It is a modified biopolymer that has been specially formulated to safely alleviate dust problems on unpaved roads while also helping preserve the general integrity of the roadbed.

After it has been applied and allowed to cure, Earthbind® 100 will develop a matrix with small particles and aggregate materials in the unpaved roadbed. It isn’t water soluble which allows more Earthbind® 100 to remain in the roadbed for an extended amount of time reducing maintenance or reapplication costs.

If you need help maintaining or controlling dust on an unpaved road, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to a member of the staff at the EnviRoad® home office in Portland, Oregon.