Maintaining Unpaved Roads Is Essential During Peak Agricultural Operations

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As you likely know, agricultural success during peak season encompasses any number of factors. At first, things like road maintenance and dust control might seem trivial. As the season goes on, washboard roads, large potholes, eroded shoulders, and fugitive dust clouds can turn into a major hassle.

Assigning personnel to drive water trucks and work to repair damaged roads costs man hours, fuel, and materials—all of which can make a dent in your seasonal profit margin. Even worse, if a key piece of equipment goes down due to the wear and tear of operating on a damaged road, it could cost you significant time and stress during peak operations.

Here at Enviroad®, we offer an ecologically friendly and cost-effective solution to these problems. Our Earthbind® Stabilizer is specially formulated to stabilize and control dust on the surface, base, sub-bases, and subgrades of unpaved roads.

Once it has cured, it will not be water soluble. This means seasonal rains will not wash it out of the roadbed, requiring less seasonal maintenance and reapplication costs.

If you have an agricultural operation and you’re concerned about dust control and unpaved road maintenance, you should call 1.800.536.2650 to speak to a member of the staff at the EnviRoad® home office in Portland, Oregon.