Protect Your Produce From Dust With EnviRoad Road Products

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We’ve all either experienced the effects of dust in our lungs or heard how dust can expose the lungs to harmful particles, which can affect the respiratory system. But did you know it can affect not only our health through breathing but the foods we eat as well? Dust is a global phenomenon that travels around the world, impacting the biochemistry of lands and oceans, so it’s no wonder that it can spread onto produce and other vegetation.

Dust particles from nearby roads and pathways are much more likely to stir and spread due to traffic. This can result in injury to plants and decrease productivity. When dust lays on plants, the tissue can suffer damage, reducing the rate of photosynthesis and decreasing growth. It can even reduce the fertility of the soil.

For example, excessive dust on a vineyard can be detrimental to growth and spur on infections and rot. This can attract more bugs and deter visitors to vineyards who don’t exactly want insects swimming in their wine. Not to mention, they probably don’t want to see dust covering everything.

Although dust is a factor we can never completely get rid of, we can greatly reduce it with our environmentally-friendly products. To get a lasting solution, consider using products from EnviRoad such as Earthbind® 100. It is insoluble after it is applied and cured, meaning it won’t dissolve in the weather. It is much more effective than just placing water, helping dust particles to stay in place for an extended time. This prevents reapplication costs and saves money in your wallet.

To protect your gardens, fields, workers, machinery and the environment, consider using our products from EnviRoad. Our office is located in Portland, Oregon, but we are happy to provide our eco-friendly services across the United States and worldwide. For more information on our products and to get rid of your dust-related problems, give us a call at 1.800.536.2650 to speak with a representative today.