Spring Ahead of Summer Projects Using Dust Control

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Spring has sprung, and now is the perfect time to start putting together your dust management plan for operations such as mining, construction, industrial and city and county roads. When the projects and peak season hit hard, it often can seem easiest to stick with what you have done before.

However, some traditional dust abatement methods such as using a water truck or chlorides may not be the most efficient use of your budget nor are they as effective or environmentally friendly as EnviRoad®s Earthbind® 100. We want to help you take care of your roads, construction sites and lots effectively and safely, so you can focus on your other projects without worrying about road conditions.

You can lock in dust by using our environmentally-friendly Earthbind® 100 dust control emulsion. It’s made up of a high-quality, modified biopolymer dust control agent that is easy to store and apply (stored in concentration to save space). It can be used on many different surfaces: unpaved roads, railroad yards, parking lots, and sectors such as military, private, public market and more. After applied and cured, Earthbind® 100 becomes insoluble.

Spraying roads with water may seem like the easy solution, but in actuality, you are wasting employee hours, money for fuel and water. It can help prevent respiratory health issues, reduce maintenance on vehicles and improve safety. Our road and soil experts will work with you to provide help and effective dust management solution that is environmentally friendly as well.

If you have any questions, EnviRoad will be happy to answer those for you. Give our office in Portland, Oregon, a call at 1-800-536-2650. We provide our services worldwide to those seeking eco-friendly dust control. Get ahead of the season and your summer projects today!