Non-Corrosive Dust Control Agents Save Money in Safety in Equipment Costs

In the past, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride have been perceived as cost-effective measures for controlling dust on unpaved roads. At the time, they were preferable to water truck dispersal, as the chloride agents required less total man-hours in the application. In some regions, water access could also have been an issue. Unfortunately, chloride-based dust control agents also have their... read more »

Lignin Sulfonate Is an Ecological Alternative to Chloride Based Dust Control Agents

Calcium chloride and magnesium chloride based dust control agents once enjoyed popularity with road maintenance operations and rural municipalities for controlling fugitive dust on unpaved roads. As time has gone on, these substances have drawn increased scrutiny for their negative ecological impact and potential application hazards. The mineral content added to the road can sometimes attract unwanted wildlife to the... read more »

Ecological Dust Control Agents Can Be Based on Lignin Sulfonate

Fugitive dust particles in the air from traffic and inclement wind conditions affected an unpaved roadbed can present many hazards. Beyond the simple impairment to visibility, it can also cause the roadbed to degrade, causing damage to passing vehicles and potentially adding to maintenance costs. In the past, some road maintenance entities have turned to dust control agents like magnesium... read more »

Use Earthbind® 100 for Superior, Ecological Dust Control

EnviRoad® is an innovative manufacturer of exceptional dust control and soil stabilization products. We have an intimate understanding of the complications and pollution issues that can result from magnesium and calcium chloride-based dust control agents. In response to these challenges, we set forth to create Earthbind® 100 to offer a superior, ecologically-friendly alternative for dust control on unpaved roads. Earthbind®... read more »