The Ability to Ship and Store in Concentrate Helps Earthbind® 100 to Be Cost Effective

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Earthbind® 100 is a sophisticated modified biopolymer developed by EnviRoad® as an ecologically friendly and cost-effective alternative to chloride-based dust control measures. It is also a far superior alternative to the constant application from water trucks during dry weather. Earthbind® 100 can be shipped and stored in concentration to further reduce costs. It can then be safely applied to an unpaved road bed as needed.

Once it has cured, it will form a matrix with aggregate materials and potential fugitive dust particles. Since it’s not water soluble, Earthbind® 100 will not easily wash out of the roadbed. This significantly saves on reapplication costs throughout the seasons.

At the same time, chloride-based dust control agents tend to be corrosive. This can increase routine maintenance costs for storage tanks and application equipment. Earthbind® 100 is not corrosive; this will reduce the need for regular maintenance and free up man hours for other tasks.

Earthbind® 100 meets many of the new environmental regulations, reducing ancillary costs and compliance measures. Wildlife is not attracted to roadbeds treated with Earthbind® 100, which also reduces safety concerns.

If you are in need of a cost-effective, ecologically friendly dust control measure, you should call 1-800-536-2650 to learn more about the Earthbind® 100 offered by EnviRoad®.