The Benefits of EnviRoad’s Earthbind Line of Products

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EnviRoad® is an innovative manufacturer specializing in high quality, ecologically conscious dust control, and soil stabilization products. In recent decades, as American cultural consciousness and government regulations have placed increased importance on environmentally friendly road products, EnviRoad has worked hard to meet new market demands.

Starting in 1999, EnviRoad began formulating and testing our Earthbind® product line for dust control agents and base stabilization. Over three decades of practical hands on experience and a dedicated focus on meeting our own high ecological standards went into the development of the Earthbind product line.

As a result, Earthbind is approved by numerous governmental agencies as an ecologically friendly dust control and base stabilization agent for unpaved roads and aggregate road beds. Earthbind is a modified bio-polymer that binds aggregate and fine dust particles together. Because it is not water soluble it won’t wash away with heavy rains.

This reduces runoff into local watersheds, while also leaving a residual amount in the road bed decreasing yearly maintenance costs. Earthbind can be transported and stored as a concentrate, which further helps to save costs.

If you would like to learn more about the Earthbind line of products, and how it can help you with dust control on unpaved roads or used as a base stabilizer, please feel free to call EnviRoad at 1-800-536-2650 to schedule a consultation.