Treating an Industrial Yard for Dust Control using Earthbind® 100

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Treating a heavily-used industrial yard for dust control can be very challenging. The challenge can be due to all the heavy truck traffic and heavy-duty forklifts turning and churning the unpaved surface material and creating “new” material. This grinding can also grind down any topically applied dust control product.

Generally, to treat an industrial yard for dust, we recommend an initial application of an Earthbind® solution to establish a dust-free surface. The initial application then is followed by periodic maintenance applications in areas that receive a lot of traffic.

Typically, we recommend 0.12-gallons of Earthbind 100 concentrate per square yard to “build up” the base coarse. Here the Earthbind concentrate is mixed with water typically at a dilution rate of 5:1 (parts water to parts Earthbind concentrate).

This solution is then applied to the surface of the unpaved material using a computerized distributor, pressurized, or a gravity fed water truck at a rate of approximately 0.35-gallons per square yard in two-successive applications. Please note that it is important to remove (motor-grade) off any large, loose surface material or “powdery” material before application.

Over time, as the heavy traffic grinds down the aggregate, we recommend a periodic maintenance application in areas that receive a lot of traffic. The maintenance application can be done using a dilution rate of anywhere from a 5:1 to a 10:1 solution. The optimum dilution rate is site specific and can be determined by starting out with a 6:1 dilution and applying this solution to the surface in one application at a rate approximately 0.35-gallon per square yard. You can adjust the dilution and application rate to what best works for your specific industrial yard.

For more details regarding dust control on an industrial yard, please contact an EnviRoad sales engineer at 800-536-2650.