Typical Earthbind® Dust Control Procedure using a Pressurized Water Truck

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Earthbind® is considered to be an environmentally-friendly bio-based modified asphalt emulsion that is specifically made for dust control. Both Earthbind® 100 and Earthbind® Stabilizer can be used for dust control on unpaved roads. For aggregate roads, we recommend Earthbind Stabilizer or Earthbind 100 on roads with more of a soil/aggregate mixture.

Earthbind can be applied in various concentrations and dilution rations using a pressurized or gravity fed water truck. Most of the time we typically recommend 0.12-gallons of Earthbind® concentrate per square yard on low volume roads.

Earthbind® is shipped in a concentrated liquid form and is typically diluted with water (5-parts water to 1-part concentrate) and applied to an unpaved surface using a pressurized water or distributor truck at a rate of 0.35-gallons per square yard in two applications. Once the water used to make the Earthbind® solution dries, the product is considered to be cured. The residual remaining on your road will bind the loose particles together keeping them from blowing off as fugitive dust and washing off as suspended solids.

Following is a quick overview of a procedure regarding topical dust control using a 5 to 1 solution of Earthbind® concentrate applied with a pressurized water truck.

Note that this procedure assumes that the road prior to treatment is in fairly good shape, meaning that there are no potholes, washboarding, powder or loose stones on the surface. These imperfections can be resolved using a motorgrader and roller. The longevity of dust control can be compromised if the product is applied to a road that is in poor condition.

Required Equipment and Supplies

  • Pressurized water truck that is capable of applying ¼ to ½-gallons of a liquid, per square yard, fairly evenly and accurately.
  • Heavy-duty pump and hoses or equivalent to transfer concentrate from the totes or tanks into water truck and to mix product in totes/tank;
  • Clean water to make the Earthbind solution; and
  • Earthbind Concentrate


  • Mix the Earthbind® concentrate in the tote or storage tank thoroughly before diluting with water;
  • Transfer the mixed Earthbind concentrate (e.g., pump and hoses) into the water truck;
  • Mix the Earthbind concentrate with water in the water truck to make the 5:1 solution (this is 5-parts water to 1-part product concentrate. The diluted Earthbind is considered to be the Earthbind solution;
  • Mix the Earthbind solution thoroughly;
  • Using the pressurized water truck, apply the 5:1 Earthbind solution evenly to the road surface at a rate of approximately 0.35-gallons per square yard. (Basically, this is a rate that is strong enough where the solution infiltrates the road adequately without pooling up).
  • Allow the applied Earthbind solution to infiltrate into the road surface. Once the first application of the Earthbind solution has soaked into the material, and is still moist but not overly wet…then;
  • Apply the final 0.35-gallon shot of the 5:1 Earthbind solution per square yard.
  • Once all the water used to make the Earthbind solution has evaporated, the product is considered to be cured and procedure is complete. The warmer and drier the weather, the faster the applied Earthbind solution will dry.

Please feel free to contact a EnviRoad sales engineer at 503.279.2600 if you have any questions regarding the application or need more information regarding Earthbind.