Unpaved Roads Used for Military Operations Often Need Effective Dust Control

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Military training and operations often call for moving vehicles, equipment, and personnel on unpaved roads. Controlling dust and roadbed degradation play an important with safety and overall efficiency.

Using water trucks to periodically dampen a road surface can be messy, and an inefficient use of manhours. While calcium chloride and magnesium chloride dust control agents might be able to help control fugitive dust, they can also be corrosive and pose their own safety challenges.

One of the more cost-effective and ecologically mindful solutions to this problem is to apply Earthbind® 100 from EnviRoad®. This is a modified bio-polymer that forms a matrix between potentially fugitive dust particles and other loose aggregate materials in an unpaved road surface.

Earthbind® 100 has been specially formulated to not be water soluble. This reduces erosion issues, while also reducing the need for routine maintenance. At the same time Earthbind® 100 remains in the roadbed longer than chloride based dust control agents. This reduces the time and cost associated with reapplications.

Earthbind® 100 can be transported and stored in its concentrated form. This allows you to store more materials on site, saving on storage and transportation requirements.

If you have a military installation or training grounds with dust control and road maintenance issues, you should call 1-800-536-2650 to speak to a representative at EnviRoad® about our Earthbind® 100.