Want to Get Rid of Synthetic Polymers? Consider Earthbind Instead!

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Here at Enviroad, we focus on making sure our products are environmentally safe and product placement is long lasting. Our team of environmental experts works with you to solve complex dust abatement, alternative paving and soil stabilization issues. With our goal focused on a cleaner environment (it’s even in the name!), we offer Earthbind products that provide a superior alternative to harsh chemicals and products.

One of the more common products used is synthetic polymers such as acetate and polyvinyl which are byproducts of paint and adhesive industries. To improve profit margins and reduce disposal costs, they can be sold to dust control and road maintenance compounds. Because the polymer chains of these products are larger, they tend to bond to one another than the roadbed beneath it. Because of this, they don’t connect well and as a result, don’t last as long. Another disadvantage of this artificial polymer is that it can photodegrade, which means it will break down with the exposure to sunlight.

Because of their modified and environmentally-friendly traits, Earthbind products are a great alternative to other polymers. This modified biopolymer can saturate to the road, is stable at freezing temperatures, and is more concentrated so you can use less of it. This ultimately saves on costs when transporting and for storage, improves soil stabilization and tension on roads, all while providing an eco-friendly solution. To learn more information, give us a call at 1-800-536-2650, and Enviroad will be happy to help you today!