With Consistent Application, Earthbind® 100 Is a Cost Effective Dust Control Measure

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Fugitive dust particles that are released by passing traffic and local weather conditions can cause several different complications. Beyond safety and respiratory health concerns, a dusty road is also at increased risk of suffering washboarding, potholes, and general deterioration of the road bed.

In dry conditions, frequent water truck applications and chloride based dust control agents can often prove expensive and inefficient. At the same time, applying magnesium chloride or calcium chloride to an unpaved roadbed can also attract wildlife to the road bed. These dust control agents are also known to be corrosive, thus increasing maintenance costs and requiring the application crew to wear special protective equipment.

To answer these concerns, EnviRoad® has invested significant effort in formulating Earthbind® 100. This special dust control agent is non-corrosive, ecologically friendly, and cost efficient in multiple ways.

Earthbind® 100 is based on a modified biopolymer that can be stored and shipped in concentration. Once it has been applied and cured to an unpaved roadbed, it forms a matrix with potential dust particles and the existing aggregate materials.

After curing, Earthbind® 100 will not be water soluble. This allows Earthbind® 100 to remain in the roadbed for longer, which will save you money in maintenance and reapplication costs.

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