Earthbind® 100 Is a Cost-Effective Dust Control and Base Stabilization Agent

Dust control abatement on unpaved roads and road construction projects can sometimes carry significant overhead costs. At the same time, dust control and base stabilization are important safety measures that can contribute to the success of a road work project. To answer this need cost efficiently, EnviRoad® has specially formulated Earthbind® 100. This is a modified biopolymer that often proves... read more »

Earthbind is a Superior Alternative to Synthetic Polymers for Dust Control

Synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl acrylic and acetate polymers are byproducts from the pain and adhesive industries. They are sold as a road maintenance and dust control compounds for unpaved roads, to improve profit margins and reduce disposal costs. Synthetic polymers have several notable drawbacks. On a chemical level the polymer chains are rather large and tend to bind more... read more »