EnviRoad’s Earthbind® Offers Superior Benefits Compared to Lignosulfonates

Lignosulfonates have been used as a dust control measure on unpaved roads for many years. They are essentially a byproduct from other industries; for example, they are a common waste product in wood pulp processing. While these industries see the sale of lignosulfonates as a cost-effective maneuver, they do have some significant disadvantages when it comes to long-term dust control... read more »

Earthbind Is a Superior Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

Lignosulfonates, more commonly known in dust control as lignin, is a byproduct of the wood pulp processing. In order to increase profit margins, the wood pulp industry commonly sells lignin as a dust control product. Lignosulfonates come with some considerable drawbacks. They are chemically corrosive by nature. Over time this corrosive effect can weaken welds and damage storage tanks. They... read more »