Alternative Paving with Recycled Asphalt for Trails

EnviRoad worked with Columbia County, Oregon last season to pave a portion of the Crown Zellerbach trail using Earthbind® Stabilizer - Recycled Asphalt. The portion of the trail was located on either side of Tony's Crossing - a bridge dedicated in the honor of Tony Hyde who was integral in laying the original 28.6 miles of Crown Zellerbach Trail. Columbia... read more »

EBS-RA is an Effective Alternative to VOC Paving Products

For many years, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) were used in various paving applications even though they have long been known to have ecological, safety, and potential medical hazards. Over the years, this has driven many paving companies and municipalities to look for a cost-effective, ecologically friendly alternative. Through painstaking research and meticulous lab formulation, EnviRoad® is proud to offer Earthbind... read more »

EBS-RA by EnviRoad® Is an Ecological Alternative to Volatile Organic Compounds

In recent years, new rules and regulations set by the Environmental Protection Agency have cast increased scrutiny on the use of volatile organic compounds. As a result, many ecologically minded paving contractors, municipalities, and reclamation projects have been looking for cost-effective alternatives. To answer this industry demand, EnviRoad® has developed their special ESB-RA asphalt emulsion. This is an ecologically friendly... read more »

Improved Alternative Paving Results with EBS-RA

At EnviRoad, we provide all kinds of solutions for unpaved surfaces, including dust control and base stabilization. We also specialize in alternative paving with EarthBind Stabilizer Rejuvenating Asphalt, or EBS-RA. Whether you are an independent paving contractor or a state highway department, EBS-RA can provide top-quality results at a fraction of the cost. EBS-RA is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion... read more »