Improved Alternative Paving Results with EBS-RA

At EnviRoad, we provide all kinds of solutions for unpaved surfaces, including dust control and base stabilization. We also specialize in alternative paving with EarthBind Stabilizer Rejuvenating Asphalt, or EBS-RA. Whether you are an independent paving contractor or a state highway department, EBS-RA can provide top-quality results at a fraction of the cost. EBS-RA is a polymer modified asphalt emulsion... read more »

EnviRoad’s Earthbind® Offers Superior Benefits Compared to Lignosulfonates

Lignosulfonates have been used as a dust control measure on unpaved roads for many years. They are essentially a byproduct from other industries; for example, they are a common waste product in wood pulp processing. While these industries see the sale of lignosulfonates as a cost-effective maneuver, they do have some significant disadvantages when it comes to long-term dust control... read more »

The Benefits of EnviRoad’s Earthbind Line of Products

EnviRoad® is an innovative manufacturer specializing in high quality, ecologically conscious dust control, and soil stabilization products. In recent decades, as American cultural consciousness and government regulations have placed increased importance on environmentally friendly road products, EnviRoad has worked hard to meet new market demands. Starting in 1999, EnviRoad began formulating and testing our Earthbind® product line for dust control... read more »

Understanding the Benefits of Earthbind 100

Magnesium and calcium chlorides have been widely used in the western part of the United States for dust suppression and de-icer for many years. They are not binders but are hydroscopic in nature and actually work by attracting moisture from the air to control dust. One of the most attractive features of both substances is the relatively low cost. However,... read more »

Enviroad’s Earthbind for Base Stabilization

Proper base stabilization is absolutely essential for the long term maintenance of unpaved roads. Base stabilization reduces the maintenance required to repair damage caused by traffic and weather. This helps to reduce costs for blading and gravel replacement, while also limiting the number of time you need to divert road traffic for maintenance, and the labor costs associated with it.... read more »

Earthbind is a Superior Alternative to Synthetic Polymers for Dust Control

Synthetic polymers such as polyvinyl acrylic and acetate polymers are byproducts from the pain and adhesive industries. They are sold as a road maintenance and dust control compounds for unpaved roads, to improve profit margins and reduce disposal costs. Synthetic polymers have several notable drawbacks. On a chemical level the polymer chains are rather large and tend to bind more... read more »

Earthbind Is a Superior Alternative to Lignin for Dust Control

Lignosulfonates, more commonly known in dust control as lignin, is a byproduct of the wood pulp processing. In order to increase profit margins, the wood pulp industry commonly sells lignin as a dust control product. Lignosulfonates come with some considerable drawbacks. They are chemically corrosive by nature. Over time this corrosive effect can weaken welds and damage storage tanks. They... read more »

Earthbind for Environmentally Friendly Dust Control

Excess dust on unpaved roads can lead to several hazards. The dust poses a threat to respiratory health and affects road safety. If unpaved roads are left untreated it can also lead to bigger problems like road deterioration, and excess soil runoff. Many companies that offer dust control services use calcium and magnesium chloride based sprays. These agents can have... read more »